First Aid & Emergency Training

From Provide first aid to advanced medical courses, our team specialises in delivering Nationally Recognised Training at our clients place of work.

In an emergency situation, first aid is critical in ensuring positive outcomes for the patient. CPR can keep a patient alive until paramedics arrive. Correct wound cleaning and dressing in the first instance can help prevent infection and complications. Knowing how to treat snake and insect bites correctly can ensure they don’t have ongoing impact. Being able to correctly identify the signs of a stroke could be the thing that helps save your colleague’s life. There are endless reasons why learning first aid, or updating your knowledge with a CPR refresher, is important.

No matter whether you’re looking for full first aid and CPR courses or a simple CPR refresher, our Emergency Australia training services are ideal for large groups and workforces. You don’t have to limit training to just managers and safety supervisors; with our help, everyone can learn the critical theory and skills they need to help save a life or to improve outcomes for minor injuries.
Employees at all levels enjoy this type of training because it’s not only hands-on and practical, it enriches their professional profile.