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Item Quantity
(Recommended quantity prefilled)
Price Each
Wound Dressing Number 15
$3.95 (ex GST)
Triangle bandage 110cm x 110cm
$3.70 (ex GST)
Alcohol swabs
$0.20 (ex GST)
Tape hypo-allergenic 2.5cm x 9m
$4.05 (ex GST)
Adhesive Strips hypo-allergenic 50’s (Bandaids)
$6.65 (ex GST)
Bag resealable small 10cm x 18cm (zip lock bag)
$0.30 (ex GST)
Bag resealable medium 15cm x 23cm (zip lock bag)
$0.25 (ex GST)
Bag resealable large 23cm x 30cm (zip lock bag)
$0.25 (ex GST)
Bandage compression extra firm 10cm
$15.50 (ex GST)
Bandage conforming light 5cm
$1.55 (ex GST)
Bandage conforming light 7.5cm
$2.50 (ex GST)
Combine dressing 10cm x 20cm
$1.05 (ex GST)
Splinter probes
$2.65 (ex GST)
Emergency accident blanket (space blanket)
$5.25 (ex GST)
Eye pad
$0.70 (ex GST)
Forceps pointed 12.5cm
$2.75 (ex GST)
Gauze swabs 7.5cm x 7.5 (pack of 5)
$1.60 (ex GST)
Kidney dish
$0.50 (ex GST)
Sharps container
$10.45 (ex GST)
Iodine swabs
$0.45 (ex GST)
Safety pins
$1.55 (ex GST)
Saline Steritube 15ml
$1.05 (ex GST)
Non-adherent dressing 5cm x 5cm
$0.70 (ex GST)
Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 10cm
$1.00 (ex GST)
Non-adherent dressing 10cm x 10cm
$1.45 (ex GST)
Scissors stainless
$4.35 (ex GST)
Nitrile gloves
$1.65 (ex GST)
Instant cold pack
$7.05 (ex GST)
Burn aid gel sachets
$1.00 (ex GST)
Black ballpoint pen
$1.30 (ex GST)
CPR resuscitation mask
$14.95 (ex GST)